• Changed theme to MemE.
  • customized favicon from flaticon.
  • 从长毛象复制了长篇论文导读和科普。
  • 添加了个人简介在首页顶端。
  • Changed theme color and banner gradient colors.
  • 修改了字体,在config.toml


  1. navigation button links not working.
  2. slow loading of pictures e.g avatar.
  3. no mastodon icon in theme css.
  4. 透明背景图片 not showing properly in dark mode. -> force white background?
  5. Didn’t consider 窄屏 in customized css.
  6. wordcount only counting english words. ???

to do

  • pagination change icons.
  • pagination to show current page.
  • add ToC in post frontmatter options.
  • only show about me section in the first page.


  • finished some to-dos in previous update.
  • Changed site language to English for search.
  • search page is now working properly.
  • added home about section animation from tutorial. svg files from svg repo.


  1. lunr.js does not support 中文!
  2. image loading not always successful. -> need a real picture hosting.
  3. animation messed up footer icons and header search bar. how??

to do

  • install comment Sections
  • festive animation
  • try LaTex input.
  • check out vercel


  • fixed navigation bar hyperlink. Internal page url is called ‘url’ !!! 模板里写的是internalref之类的,实际上并不是,页面链接就是url
  • The same thing happens for aboutme page. To set absolute url for posts just add url = "" in the frontmatter!


  • 写了friendlink shortcode, 现在可以添加blogroll, 但是还有一点css上的问题,换成黑夜模式特别丑
  • 把文章按照最近修改时间排序


Hugo document on creating shortcode. 我用了最简单的named parameters, 在md文档中直接调用就好了。